Sunday, April 7, 2013

Baby Shower #2

I have been a very bad blogger lately!  I'm going to try to catch up and that means going back a bit.  In February, Chris' family gave us a baby shower.  It was wonderful and everyone was so generous!  Miss Chloe not only has tons of people who love her, she now has enough clothes that she'll be able to wear something new (4 or 5 times a day) for at least the first 6 months!! 

Chloe and I felt so special!

We had games, a cookout, everything!  It was so much fun!!!

The happy parents to be!!!

Here's a picture of all the clothes!  I counted 91 outf1its!  And believe it or not there was not one duplicate!!

Here's the carseat and stroller combo that Mom & Dad got for us.  I love it!  Chris even practiced with a baby doll - lol!!

Thank you so much, Vicki & Teresa!  I love you both so much!!

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.  We have some more exciting news to share and I can't wait to tell you all!!


  1. Wow, looks like baby girl is all set for a while !!! :) Now what is this other news? You better not leave us hanging for long! :)

  2. I just stopped by moms so I know the news. I am so excited for you!