Monday, March 4, 2013

28 Weeks & 4D Ultrasound

Wow, 28 weeks and I look huge in this picture!  I've been a little worried that I have been "growing" much.  Eating is getting harder and harder.  Acid reflux is killing me and everything gives it to me.  I'm not sleeping much and feel tired all the time.  It's a small price to pay for this little miracle named Chloe.

Saturday we went for our 2nd 4D ultrasound.  We were so excited to see our little girl and how much she has changed since December.  She didn't cooperate as much as we had hoped.  In fact she had both feet, hands and even the umbilical cord in her face most of the time.  We were able to get some cute pictures of her face and see her stick her tongue out.  She has the most beautiful little nose and lips.  It's still the most amazing thing to be able to see her and what she's doing.  We are so excited for May to get here!!

I'm so grateful for this precious little girl.  Chris and I are so blessed!